EM Leaders Programme

This is a leadership programme led by RCEM in partnership with Health Education England and NHS Improvement/England and funded and supported in Wales by Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW). It has been designed to develop the leadership skills of those working in the Emergency Department.

It is the first bespoke leadership training programme for any specialty.

Its goal is to improve the quality of leadership skills deployed in the ED so we are better prepared to work, make decisions and manage the challenging and ever-changing environment of the Emergency Department. It will prepare you to manage any shift in the ED and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the team, the service and yourself.

The 2021 RCEM curriculum has threads of leadership throughout the Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC) and the 12 Specialty Learning Outcomes (SLOs), and the EM Leaders programme has resources that can be added as evidence of learning, progress, and attainment along with other work-based place assessment, formal courses or reflective practice.

The following resources will help guide trainees and trainers understand how leadership will form part of the training and development of EM trainees.

EM Leaders Programme

RCEM curriculum (each SLO refers to a stage of training) 

Gwella Portal for HEIW resources

EM Leaders Framework (see pg 10-15 for summaries for each stage of training- useful to guide your PDP! see pg 16 for how to use the framework)

Compassionate Leadership Podcast Series

There are 3 trainers with roles in leadership development, all are happy for you to contact them directly with any questions, concerns or ideas for leadership development.

  • Sally Jones Lead for Leadership Sally.jones4@wales.nhs.uk 
  • Nirmal James (Quality Improvement) Nirmal.james@wales.nhs.uk 
  • Rhian Farquharson (Training and Sim) Rhian.farquharson@wales.nhs.uk

There are 9 e-learning modules on the e-LfH hub which cover all aspects of the programme. These may be completed at any time but will be used to enhance and compliment the regional leadership teaching. Each module has a worksheet that can be uploaded and used as evidence on your portfolio

Leading self 

Clinical staff need to work effectively within teams. This session explores how to lead teams effectively in Emergency Medicine. 

Leading Teams 

This session explores the key themes around self and how that knowledge can be used to create positive influences for the Learner and those around them. 

Leading Systems

This module explores systems within emergency care and the NHS in relation to leadership challenges that emergency physicians face and analyses them as clinicians within a complex environment. It also explores the differences between leadership and management as those roles work together to influence within these complex systems

Leading Culture 

This module focuses on the relationship between leadership and culture. It is recommended to complete the Leading Self module in full, including the reflection worksheet prior to starting. There are themes and learning within Leading Self that are built upon within the session and will help Learners to have a deeper understanding of what is covered. 

Leading Service 

This module focuses on leading the Emergency Service. The principles of leadership, however, are applicable to all parts of the NHS. It will have relevance to all practitioners within Emergency Medicine, whether in training or a new or established Consultant. This will support those either in a service lead role or those aspiring to lead the service in part or in full at some future date. 

Leading People 

This module covers what an organisation is, managing and leading people in an organisation, having difficult conversations and conflict resolution. 

Leading Change 

This module focuses on leading change in Emergency Department teams. The wider systems in which Emergency Medicine operates are becoming progressively complex. Implementing successful change ideas increasingly requires an understanding of change theory and models that can help steer through common challenges. This module highlights a number of these and provides examples of their practical use within Emergency Medicine. This module will support those completing quality improvement work/projects. 

Leading Quality 

This module explores what quality is within healthcare, how to define ‘Quality’ for the individual, team, and service, to recognise how poor-quality behaviours occur and how to encourage good quality care through leadership. This module will support those completing quality improvement work/projects. 

Leading Strategy 

This module explores when to apply strategy and the subsequent skills needed for an adaptive strategic leader. This module will support those completing quality improvement work/projects.

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