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Placement Tutors online Guide to vCBL

The ‘HFD Placement Tutors Online Guide’ has replaced the ‘HFD Placement Tutors pdf Handbook’ used in previous years. Please distribute this link to the tutors responsible for teaching the clinical placement vCBL tutorials: This link provides full instructions and all standardised slides to present to the HFD students during their weekly HFD vCBL tutorials.

Please take note of the following points:

  • The online version contains all the same information (and more), including an online standardised set of presentations for the weekly HFD vCBL hospital placement tutorial.
  • These standardised slides can be used in isolation or in combination with any locally developed teaching material/presentations.
  • Development of local teaching material/presentations is encouraged, with the proviso that it covers national guidelines (rather than local guidelines) and that it covers all expected learning outcomes.
  • The Cardiff University is constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experience of our students. We appreciate feedback directly from the placement tutors. To send us your feedback, use the Placement tutor’s feedback icon on the top left of each vCBL presentation screen.
  • Please do not give students access to the above link (as they will be able to view the completed Cardiff Framework grids before they attend your tutorial). Students have already been provided with access to the student version (slide 2) only.
  • If your hospital is not delivering the vCBL tutorials in the usual order (i.e. vCBL 1 in week 1, vCBL 2 in week 2, etc…), it is essential you inform the students of the order in which they will be covered at the beginning of the HFD clinical placement. Otherwise your HFD students might prepare for the wrong case.


If you have any questions, or have any suggestions on how to improve the HFD online tutors handbook, please contact the central HFD team:

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