EMTA Trainee Survey

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Key findings (page 4)

1. Around three-quarters of trainees plan on taking a locum or substantive consultant job
after completing training, only 28.1% plan on working full time as a consultant.

2. Most trainees felt that their educational supervisor was effective and added value to
their training.

3. Over one-third of trainees report having no access to SPA time, despite RCEM

4. The frequency of regional teaching found to correlate with the highest attendance is
monthly. The frequency of local teaching found to correlate with the highest
attendance is weekly.

5. Nearly 1/5 trainees felt unable to drive home safely from work yet the vast majority
had no access to somewhere to sleep after a night shift.

6. The majority of trainees completing training in emergency medicine do not feel
competent to manage paediatric emergencies.

7. Bullying, harassment and undermining are described as ‘endemic’ and ‘widespread
and accepted practice’ in UK emergency medicine. The data across the past three
EMTA surveys and the free-text responses do not make for pleasant reading.

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