Emergency Medicine Academic Centre

Advancing emergency medicine teaching, 

training and research in Wales

Vision and Mission Statement

The Emergency Medicine Academic Centre (EMAC) was established in 2018, as a subspeciality unit of the Centre for Medical Education (C4ME), School of Medicine, Cardiff University in collaboration with the All Wales School of Emergency Medicine (AWSEM) and Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW). EMAC’s vision and ambition aligns with the School of Medicine with our collaboration/innovation focused on patient need, our research activity driven to address unmet clinical/healthcare needs and our educational programmes aimed to inspire both our students and staff. The EMAC mission statement is:

“To advance emergency medicine education, training and research in Wales.”

EMAC is responsible for the running the undergraduate ‘Emergency, Pre-hospital and Immediate Care’ Intercalated BSc (EPIC iBSc) programme and the ‘Hospital Front Door’ (HFD) block within year 3 of the MBBCh Medicine programme. In 2019, the EMAC educational suite opened (which is freely available to staff/students of both Cardiff University and any NHS Wales UHB). In 2020, EMAC was successful in applying for ‘Accelerate Wales’ funding to establish the ‘Wales Virtual Hospital’ (a £179,000 project aiming to provide a free immersive virtual reality platform for all healthcare students and professionals in Wales). In 2021, EMAC produced several FOAMed eLearning series (now used by several ED inductions programmes) and has since explored the feasibly of CPD programmes with several collaborators (including individual Emergency Departments and the South Wales Major Trauma Network).

Training Facilities and Equipment

The EMAC Educational Suite comprises of a faculty office/meeting room and a series of teaching rooms, including an ultrasound training room, a tutorial room, a clinical-skills room, an adult resuscitation simulation room and a paediatric resuscitation simulation room. Located in the main building the University Hospital of Wales the EMAC Educational Suite is freely available to all Cardiff University staff/students and AWSEM trainers/trainees.

The resuscitation simulation rooms  are both fully equipped. Use of the ‘Prometheus’ infant, paediatric or adult manikins for procedures such as clamshell thoracotomy or front of neck access will incur a cost (please email: EMAcademicCentre@cardiff.ac.uk) however standard mankins are available.  

The ultrasound training room have two fully equipped ultrasound bays (each with large wall mounted monitor displays) as well as an ultrasound simulator with multiple life-support and eFAST practice cases.

Staff and Honorary Lecturers

EMAC now employees 7 academic staff (mainly emergency medicine consultants) and 2 learning technologists based at Cardiff University, 8 hospital-based SIFT-funded clinical supervisors across Wales, as well as 64 honorary title holders across the UK (typically trainees / consultants from acute specialties). Click on the sections below to find out more about our team.

Dr Huw Williams EPIC

iBSc Programme Director (williamsh62@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Victoria Goodwin

Emergency Diagnostics EPIC iBSc Module Lead (Victoria.Goodwin@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Kosta Morley

Trauma Science EPIC iBSc Module Lead (Kosta.Morley@wales.nhs.uk

Dr Esyld Waton

Resuscitation Science EPIC iBSc Module Lead (Esyld.Watson@wales.nhs.uk

Dr Sara Edwards

Paediatric Emergency Medicine EPIC iBSc Module Lead (Sara.Edwards3@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr James Dunn

Pre-hospital, Sports and Other Emergencies EPIC iBSc Module Lead (James.Dunn@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Bastiaan Hoogendoorn

Research EPIC iBSc Module Lead (HoogendoornB@cardiff.ac.uk)

Mr Andrew Hilbourne

Media Technology Officer (HilbourneA@cardiff.ac.uk

Mr Owen Crawford

Digital Learning Manager (Crawfordo2@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Greg Cranston / Dr Kosta Morley

Joint Clinical Supervisor – Grange University Hospital (Greg.Cranston@wales.nhs.uk / kosta.morley@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Ian Kear

Clinical Supervisor – University Hospital of Wales (Ian.Kear@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Victoria Goodwin / Dr Esyld Waton

Joint Clinical Supervisor – Prince Charles Hospital (Victoria.Goodwin@wales.nhs.uk / Esyld.Watson@wales.nhs.uk

Dr Mark Poulden

Clinical Supervisor – Morriston Hospital (Mark.Poulden@wales.nhs.uk)  

Dr Katie Ogden

Clinical Supervisor – Princess of Wales Hospital (Katie.Ogden@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Ash Basu

Clinical Supervisor – Wrexham Maelor Hospital (Ash.Basu@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Richard Griffiths

Clinical Supervisor – Ysbyty Gwynedd (Richard.Griffiths5@wales.nhs.uk)

Dr Sinead Davies

Honorary Tutor (DaviesS168@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Beth Moody

Honorary Tutor (MoodyB1@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Rachel Jones

Honorary Tutor (JonesR196@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Cara Thomas

Honorary Tutor (ThomasC107@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Sanjeevan Yoganathan

Honorary Tutor (YoganathanS1@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Rebecca Spencer

Honorary Tutor (SpencerR3@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Natasha Harley

Honorary Tutor (HarleyN@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Morgan Chmielewski

Honorary Tutor (ChmielewskiM2@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Ainsley Richards

Honorary Tutor (RichardsA24@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Aine Jones

Honorary Tutor (JonesA220@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Flavia Dallari

Honorary Tutor (DallariF@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Caroline Olabisi

Honorary Tutor (OlabisiOC@cardiff.ac.uk)

Dr Owen Williams

Honorary Tutor (Williamsor4@cardiff.ac.uk)

EMAC employees 9 academic staff based at Cardiff University, 8 Emergency Department staff across Wales and 64 honorary lecturers across the UK….

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