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Wales Clinical Teaching Fellow and Academic F2 Programme

Aims and Benefits of Programme

The ‘Wales Clinical Teaching Fellows (CTFs) and Academic F2 (aF2) programme’ has expanded since first running in 2017 and now welcomes both CTFs and aF2s from across several different health boards (with junior doctors from Emergency Departments and several specialised medical education positions). 

The ‘Wales CTF/aF2 Programme’ will supports your medical education endeavours in the following ways:

  • Providing access to central university computer systems
  • Providing access to medical school teaching opportunities and educational meetings
  • Providing access to free university training programmes (including learning technology training)
  • Providing access drop-in sessions with medical education academics 
  • Supporting an application for a central university honorary title 
  • Supporting an application for the Medical Education PGCert at Cardiff University *
  • Facilitating teaching and research opportunities to complete the modules within the PGCert/Dip./MSc medical education degree
The overall aim of the programme is to coordinate education efforts across several areas in an attempt to increase output relevant to all health boards (to benefit both undergraduate and postgraduate education). In recent years this has included (1) changes to central undergraduate medicine programme, (2) creation of a new undergraduate degree, (3) creation of eLearning for undergraduate/postgraduate programmes, (4) creation of online content for ED induction programme and (5) creation of several postgraduate CPD programmes.

Medical Education PGCert, Diploma and Masters

EMAC will support an application to the Medical Education PGCert at Cardiff University and will then aim to match your module requirements with your educational actives throughout the academic year. However, enrolment on to the ‘Medical Education PGCert’ is not a requirement to enrol on the ‘Wales CTF / aF2 Programme’.To find out more about the Medical Education PGCert/Dip./MSc face-to-face part-time programme by clicking HERE. If you have any queries please contact the Programme Co-ordinator ( 
The Medical Education PGCert can be either fully self-funded or subsided by the NHS. It is therefore important to first discuss this option first with your hospital-based education supervisor.
  • CTFs (based in the ED): EMAC has funding arrangements with every Emergency Department (ED) in Wales, which can contribute to the cost of the Medical Education PGCert. However, both the percentage and maximum contribution varies by ED. Some EDs will continue to contribute to the cost of the diploma / MSc if the CTF continues in post for another year.
  • CTFs (based outside the ED) and aF2s: EMAC does not provide funding for CTFs (based outside the ED) or aF2s. However, for those in specialised medical education positions alternative funding arrangements may be applicable and academic F2s have access to their HEIW study budget. 
Please discuss any potential funding arrangements with your hospital-based education supervisor before completing the application form below.

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